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Medication Reminders

Oftentimes, seniors forget to take their medication. Medication management can be challenging, especially considering the number of medications some seniors are required to take the older they get. Due to physical ailments, forgetfulness, and a range of other reasons, taking medication on time everyday can be a struggle. Forgetting one’s medication can be troublesome and we would like to help avoid the steps required to readjust after a forgotten dose. We offer medication reminders in a few different ways, so you can be certain your loved one never misses a dose.

SafetyLine is a cost effective method to make sure your loved one never misses a dose of medication. SafetyLine is an emergency response system with round the clock emergency help, including frequent reminders to take their medication on time

Visiting Angels also offers a personalized one hour wellness check. One of our caregivers can stop by to check in on your loved one, and encourage them to take their medications if they have not already.

Of course if your loved one actually has a caregiver in house, you can rest assured that medication will never be missed. Our caregivers will not only remind the care patient when to take their medicine, but they are available to help administer medication if necessary.